Bespoke Bodystyling

Recent Testimonials:

Kind and friendly service provided, no complaints

Lucille Woodworth, Huddersfield

A totally professional set up. Excellent quality workmanship. You can see you take PRIDE & CARE in the work you carry out!.It is a pleasure doing business with you!. I am a very satisfied customer. THANK YOU.

Trevor Hammond (Facebook)

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Individual styling for any vehicle

When it comes to tailoring your vehicle, there is no better place than Seddon-Atkins, we have years of experience and a great eye for detail.


We've found making subtle changes to mirrors, side vents, fog light rings etc. make a dramatic overall look to a vehicle.

Body Work

We can paint any body panels such as contrast roofs, bonnets, lower plastic bumpers etc...


We are able to colour change any alloy wheels to bring a new look to any car.

Blank Canvas

We're open to your ideas and suggestions and we've got plenty to add too, call in and discuss what you would like to achieve.


Can you supply body kits / spoilers?

In most cases, depending on the vehicle, yes.

Can you paint and fit aftermarket body kits?

Although we don't recommend aftermarket kits; they are usually ill-fitting and of poor quality, we will work with some aftermarket kits on a case by case basis.

Ford Focus ST

This ST was brought to us to have Fog light surrounds, lower bumpers front and rear, and the front grille painted in gloss black.

Range Rover Evoque

This Evoque was brought to us to colour code the lower plastics, including the front and rear bumper lower sections.